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On Tuesday 11/19, Kye Kye will be releasing “Dreams (2am),” the second single off their upcoming LP Fantasize.
"This is one of the most special songs on this record," says Olga in anticipation of Tuesday’s iTunes debut. "I am counting down the days."
The song is like no other. Kye Kye’s first single, “Honest Affection,” has been a incredible introduction to their 2014 sophomore album but is only a glimmer of what’s in store. “Dreams (2am)” is described as one of Kye Kye’s most personal and intimate yet mysterious songs.
"It’s definitely a lifeblood of the record," Tommy explains. "We couldn’t be more thrilled to share this song with the world."

"Honest Affection" Lyrics

I never knew that I was so harsh
With things I thought I wasn’t afraid of
I never knew that I was so scared
To change because of honest affection

Over your words
Stuck on your heart
A part of me just wanted to know
But the other part was always so wasted
My heart was always made to be still
To wait because you promised you’d save it

I never knew I was in a place
Hiding to avoid any signals
I close my eyes and picture your face
And see a look I never envisioned.

New Zealand, we’ll see you in January at  ! such an amazing line up at this festival

So happy to announce that on Oct. 29th we’re releasing our single #HonestAffection & debut music video (directed by @salomonligthelm) from our new record #Fantasize!

Album Progress

Hey Everyone!

We hope you all are having an awesome Summer! We have some very exciting things happening in the Kye Kye world right now that we’re really excited to share with you :)

The album is completely finished and sounds better than we could ever have wished for. We are just wrapped up shooting a music video for our single over in Sydney with Director Salomon Ligthelm ( We can’t be more excited about how things are looking. As part of our goal to push this record fully independent and not give up our rights to a record label, we have been working hard to find the right fit to build our Kye Kye team (distribution, marketing, publicists, licensing companies, etc) and have just recently finalized our team. We have the opportunity to work with a couple of the most top notch companies in the industry to push this record and with the help of these leading industry professionals backing our vision for our music and where we want to take it, we CANNOT wait to see where the next year goes!

Also, we are so excited to announce that Starbucks now plays our music in their stores worldwide! We have already heard feedback from some of you who have heard our music in the stores and we are just super excited for this new platform to reach more listeners!

So you are probably wondering, “So when does the album release?”

Our marketing team has met and decided that the best time to release this album to make the biggest impact will be a first of the year release. So our tentative release date for it will be 1/20/2014, with the release of our single/music video in October.

Again we want to reiterate that the delay is not being caused by roadblocks, struggles, and lack of resources, but being sourced from amazing opportunities! This will all be really good & positive for where we are headed :)

Ok, so we are very excited to share more details about the album with you! More information (album name meaning, art, teasers, etc) will be posted as we get closer to the release, but here is what we have to share with you about it!

Our sophomore album will be called “Fantasize” and the track listing is as follows:

1) I Already See It

2) Honest Affection

3) People

4) Glass

5) Scared or Selfish

6) Dreams (2am)

7) Fantasize

8) Seasons

9) Softly

10) Her

11) Hiding Place

12) Celeste

Once again, we are so humbled that we have such amazing fans who believe in us & our music and we can’t thank you enough for giving us a platform to do it from!

Love - Kye Kye

Shoot day #1  guys..


Hey everyone! We just wanted to give each of you an update on the album. The whole process has been an amazing journey: finally seeing our work in a state that sounds and looks the way we’d hoped it would is unbelievably exciting. While we can’t wait to get this record out to you, we feel a good obligation to make sure that we are releasing it in the smartest way possible with the biggest punch we can. To us that desire simply can’t be achieved without a lot of time and a lot of planning.

Q: What stage is the album at right now?
A: We had an amazing time over in Nashville recording this album with our producer/mixer Chad Howat (Paper Route, Jon Foreman {Switchfoot}, Joy Williams {The Civil Wars}, Brooke Waggoner). We also had the privilege to have Grammy nominated mixing engineer Michael Brauer (Coldplay, John Mayer, Florence and The Machine, Young the Giant, Copeland, Phoenix) work on this album. Even though the mixing process took a lot longer than we had anticipated we are happy to report that that stage is finally complete, and it sounds amazing. Now we are sending it off to get mastered later this month! In releasing this album we also wanted to film a music video, hire a publicist, focus on distribution, and really give it the push that we feel it deserves when the release date comes. Doing that requires getting a great team of people/companies/etc. behind us, and that takes months of prep.

Q: When will we hear some MUSIC!?
A: Things are taking a little longer than we had expected, so our new tentative time frame for the release is late Summer/Early Fall 2013. We should have a specific date for you all within a month, as well as album name, album art, etc.

So, first we wanted to give you a sneak peak of the album in the video above. This song in the video is a reprise of the opening track on our album, so we hope you all enjoy it!

Once again, we can’t thank you enough for your patience, your love, and your support. We love you all!

– Kye Kye

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